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Deep End of the Pool. Again!

Okay. So. The first time I jumped into the pool was when I went from my blogspot blog to this website. I liked the simple functionality of the blog, it was just one thing. There weren't metrics and analytics and data. I just wrote, illustrated, found photos and posted. I didn't have to connect to social media accounts, cross post, expand simple posts, blahblahblah. I didn't want to make the switch but I did.

The new methods of "communication" are primarily on social media platforms. "Communications" used to be handled by communication professionals. With the advent of social media apps, the responsibility has fallen squarely onto the shoulders of individuals. A similar event happened in the design industry with the advent of publishing programs like Quark and InDesign. With these software programs–that are now incredibly powerful and solid but not so much back in the day–designers were put in the position of being print experts. Similarly, now we all have to be communications experts. As a graphic designer I am a communicator, I just do it with logos, type, trademarks and photos to communicate client's needs. However, there is a reason I choose to stay behind the drafting table rather then do the selling of the ideas. Since I am a visual communicator, Instagram has always been my chosen platform. So what does that mean?

It means I'm jumping in the pool for a second time by starting a new instagram devoted solely to yoga, meditation, teaching practices, anatomy fascination and...cycling. We're sort of back to Turning Wheels just not with that name. The new instagram is: heidi_yoga_bikes_blog. Your support of this new "insta" would be greatly appreciated.

My personal instagram is the same and that is where you can find family, personal things and #hewhoshallnotbeinstagrammed

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