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Metta. Not meta.

I had the opportunity to record a meditation earlier in the week to post at Birchwood Center’s youtube channel. The co-directors, Betsy and Charlene, have been amazing about creating content so that the clients of the studio can still feel a part of the wonderful yoga community that has been built over two decades plus.

I am so grateful that they asked me to do a meditation video for them. I teach meditation on Tuesdays at the studio (it’s a free meditation BTW…you should come). If Birchwood was open, I would have done a metta meditation that morning because it felt, and to some degree still feels, like we need those powerful words of loving kindness more than ever.

If you would like to experience a guided meditation with me, you can click this link, grab a cushion, blanket or chair and let me lead you for twenty minutes.

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