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Balance is Wobbly

toe balance

Balance. Easy to type, not so easy to achieve.

I have been thinking about balance lately. The faboo hubby and I recently taught a fantastic yoga study circle (if I do say so myself) on the big concept of non-attachment in meditation, asana and life, at the Birchwood Center in Nyack.

The ongoing practice of non-attachment has also brought me to the-also-ongoing-practice of working towards and coming to places, moments, or moments-strung-together, of balance. I’ve been trying to define what that means to me. Is it all things being equal? Is it giving activities and people equal time? Is it work vs. play or leisure? Is it allowing for self-care? Well, yes. To all those things and so much more.

Maybe it’s also about allowing ourselves to be free of ideas, emotions, judgements or relationships that bring us suffering. Within those moments of engagement (and maybe beyond if you hang on to them. FYI I have NO idea what THAT’S like..haha), we are out of balance. Trying to juggle not just our stuff but other people's, all while standing on one foot, on a box, on a ball, wobbling, preparing to fall. What if instead, we can embrace that thing/person/situation/whatever, accept them, bring them closer, and really, really, look at it or them. We can have a greater understanding of them. Giving us a greater capacity to release them, maybe bringing balance within the wobble and ultimately letting the wobble go.

As to toe balances, the wobble is different every day.

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