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Keep Sharp!

I completed my advanced 300-hour teacher training this past April at Birchwood Center in Nyack. It was a truly transformative experience as both a student and teacher of Yoga.

One of the requirements was to create a personal project somehow related to the practice or any aspect of the practice.

I have been drawing mandalas as a daily(ish) meditation for a few years now and I am also a paper artist--see Archive Home. And I wondered if this project might be the perfect opportunity to combine those practices. I designed seven mandalas, one for each chakra. Re-drew it in the computer, made adjustments, printed them on the appropriate color associated card stock and then began to cut them out. Me, my trusty thirty year old #11 Xacto knife, around 150 blades and a cutting mat. It took months. It was a labor and meditation of love.

It was also a lesson in non-attachment. To be continued...

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