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PreGFNY Thoughts...

We are two days away from the 5th Annual Gran Fondo New York. It's almost a little hard to fathom this will be my fifth time starting this race on the lower level of the George Washington Bridge. It's remarkable how much it this event has grown since 2010. I'll write more about that later...

Today, I'm heading to the Expo which precedes GFNY every year to pick up my own packet, volunteer and discover what people look out of cycling clothes. It's pretty amazing...look! OMG! We all have hair!

This year has been like no other for me. I am, for the first time, feeling physically unprepared. Regardless of an amazing plan/encouragement by an amazing Coach, the elements, circumstances and injury have all seemed to conspire against Race Day. A brief accounting:

  1. Winter. It was a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad winter. Even riding Every. Single. Day on the trainer it does not replace riding outside. Need to move south...

  2. College! Our season of college visits for my son were so much fun and my little family did some super fun road trips. Hotel spin bikes? No thanks. I'd rather suffer and will.

  3. Running. I tried it because I was frustrated by not riding.

  4. Injury. I did it by trying running because I was frustrated by not riding. Then I could not ride. Viscious circle anyone?

  5. Trying to mash four months of training into two months...doesn't really work because,

  6. Hills. Crap. Hills...I usually love hills.

What's a cyclist/leader/coach/yoga teacher to do? Take some of the heartfelt and genuine advice I have offered to so many other cyclists over the course of four years as a leader. And that my own coach offered me recently...

"Don't worry about it. Ultimately, it's just a bike ride. Ride you bike and enjoy the day! Let it go..."

And there you have it. That's what I've decided to do. Let it go. I have to no expectations for Sunday, just that it's going to be a beautiful day and I'm going to ride my bike as many miles as my legs allow. It is in fact that simple. Although I will say, if I get to Hudson Terrace, I do want just enough gas left to make a sprint to the finish line for the camera ; )

As for today I'm SO looking forward to spending the day hanging out with awesome people; meeting new cyclists from all over the globe; feeling the excitement build around the event, have dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant with my teammates and fellow cyclists and then tomorrow, put the legs up, eat and sleep. Remaining present on both days to soak in all the remarkable things this event offers.

See you Sunday on the bridge and at the finish for a cold one and laughs!

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