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WTF Negativity?

Yes indeed! WTF with Negativity?

I think I can safely say that many people would describe me as positive, energetic, funny and fairly easy-going. I would agree that is generally true. I can also say that for the last month(ish) I have found myself vascillating between mostly okay, okay and pissed off. Yup, straight up pissed off. I'm not sure how many times I've made the WTF Scooby-Doo face in the last month(ish), but it feels like it a lot.

There's plenty in the world to be pissed off about. Greed, ignorance, power-hungry xenophobic idiots...and that's just Congress. Kidding. No, that's a lie, I'm not kidding. Since there's plenty of bad things going on, it's easy to focus on those things. Then get pissed off about those things, stay pissed off, then be snarky and then get negative. It's even easier to stay pissed off, snarky and negative. There lies the rub. It's easier but it does not bode well for the energy that you put out or take in.

I was reminded of this today from two places. First was a friend on Facebook who posted an illustration with this caption, "The cells in your body react to everything Your mind says. Negativity brings down the immune system". Her post was "Positivity is the answer to most questions. Have a positively amazing weekend!!". Second, the faboo hubby. As I was getting ready to go on a bike ride I was also starting a mini-rant:

"I can't decide on the WTFFriday topic. Ebola. Xenophobes? Dallas? No! Just Texas!! Congress? Drivers? Everything? There's so much crap to choose from. Gah! Basically, everything sucks."

He looked at me and said, "I don't know, there's a lot to choose from. I will say though,I think you're cuter when you're not ranting". At that moment I felt the crease between my eyebrows. I relaxed, gave him a kiss, said "Thanks!" and went for a bike ride.

As I was riding, I started to think about those two things and realized that I have been living at 666 Negative Road for awhile. For a lot of reasons. I'd been glossing over a lot of the great stuff that directly impacts me and focusing on stuff that is just not that important. So, rather than pondering the hideousness of the morning news, or well, Texas; I brought myself back to the moment. Ah yes Grasshopper, the mindful in The Moment.

When I flipped the switch what did I see? That it is Friday, 71-degrees, deliciously sunny, pleasantly breezy, I'm on my bike, riding along the Hudson River, on a gorgeous Autumn Day. I stopped the bike and asked myself "WTF am I doing? Seriously, what am I doing?" It was like that moment in "Moonstruck" when Cher slaps Nick Cage and says "Snap out of it!". Obviously not that violent, but that kind of an instantaneous realization. And suddenly everything looked a little different.

photo 1.JPG

I physically stopped to appreciate things that struck me. Why? Because I was riding a bike and I could. Because it helped me "re-see" and "re-appreciate" simple beauty. I saw morning glories entwined with changing maple leaves...and much more. So, when you feel yourself going down the road of negativity, stop. Take a breath and then take a look outside, or at your child, or spouse, or significant other, or a flower or anything that brings you joy and take it in. It'll make you feel lighter, I'm sure of it.

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