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Making Your Bed...

No philosophy stuff about "making your bed and lying in it."

I'm talking about actually making your bed. Here is an example of how our asana practice can translate to "real life".

Ponder your posture before you start making a bed. The tendency might be to just bend over to tuck the sheets in between mattress and box spring. This can result in the posture (or one similar) illustrated on the left.  Rounding the spine down and internally rotating the shoulder to tuck the sheets. This places the neck and back—your lower back specifically—in a potentially vulnerable position. It's happened to all of us, we just bend over and "tweak!", multiple curses ensue.

Instead, do a mini-squat (the beginning of Utkatasana—chair pose), as in the illustration on the right. Keep the spine in a neutral position (read: Tadasana—Mountain pose—spine), the load of lifting the mattress for tucking is transferred to your legs rather than your back musculature. Proceed to tuck away safely. This movement translates, with varying degrees of squatting to a myriad of other daily tasks: picking up a sock from the floor, putting the dog dish down, picking up a loaded laundry basket, etc.

Of course, the big thing here is what? Yes, awareness. Just as in the practice, be aware. Focus on your posture BEFORE you move, just as you would in yoga class. Slow it down, think about the movement before you do it, then put yourself into the optimal and safest position to complete the task. I guarantee that you can apply something postural from the yoga practice into mosts physical things, every day. Play with it!

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