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Use Your Words. Wisely.

visuddha chakra by HBD

For the last two weeks-ish, I have found myself drawn to the fifth chakra, Visuddha chakra, our commucation center and voice. So much so that my classes this week will revolve around it’s qualities in one way or another.

Visuddha chakra has great importance to me. As a child and teen my voice was stolen from me. I say stolen because the person who was my primary caregiver (read: mother) was a narcissist and could not allow anyone else to be of import, even her children. When young I was told that children “should be seen an not heard”. Then as I grew, I was told that I should express myself but when I did, I was told I was wrong, my opinion wasn’t important or I was crazy. Not surprisingly, I became conflicted and angry. So when I did speak, I did it in desperation or anger, blurting out anything and everything before I could be stopped. I desperately needed to be heard.

The throat chakra is our communication center. Literally and actually. It is our voice, our source of verbal communication and the expression of our creativity. The most powerful way we can tap into our Visuddha chakra is to listen. Yes. LISTEN. When we have a healthy communication center, we enable others to express themselves, to be heard. We do not feel the need to over talk; blurt; finish a sentence; etc. IMHO, this is the essence of right speech.

Right speech is being intentional and impeccable with our words and statements. It is the practice of thinking about what you say, how and when you say it. More importantly it is the practice of knowing when NOT to speak, and knowing when to listen. It is the practice of listening completely by not formulating a response while the other person speaks. Listening offers wisdom and it shows respect.

Learning to listen has taught me more about “how to use my words” than any other aspect of this practice.

"Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.” Karl A. Menniger

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