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Stress Really does Suck the Life out of You...

Over the next couple of weeks or so, I'm going to present a three (four?) part blog. The blogs will address the toll of repeated/chronic stress on the body and mind. Written initially from the perspective of the last six months in my life then extrapolated to generalities. I think it's important to write about because even a teacher and student of the body can forget how to take care of said body while faced with extreme stressors, over and over again. I'm going cover three topics.

  1. Breath

  2. Kinesthetic awareness

  3. Immune system response

  4. Bonus blog?

Breath first because breathing is one major way we handle stress, when I forgot how to regulate through breath, I sort of screwed a bunch of stuff up.

Kinesthetic awareness because forgetting how to hold your body in a healthy way leads to bad postural habits that effect the muscular and fascial connections. Plus, you bang in to things more.

Immune system response. This addresses how stress negatively effects our immune system's capacity to do it's job. Why I'm sitting here typing, smelling garlic tea and taking a tablespoon of fire voice, coughing...charming...

There may also be a bonus blog about the decreased capacity to make decisions other than the ones deemed most important by the brain in a crisis situation. Everything that is not the first four decisions of the day is a crap shoot and doesn't really matter. Hardest choice should be "What should I watch on Netflix?"

The important parts of the blogs will be the remedies. They are easy to do, and once implemented, or re-implemented in my case, you can re-establish better habits and heal yourself body and mind. Stay tuned! There will be illustrations ; )

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