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Here is some life off the bike. A little taste of life on St. John vacation actually.

I've been attempting to upload this video to Facebook with no success. So annoying. It would seem the universe is saying, "Find another outlet!" So I've decided to post it here, on my blog. Because well, my blog.

It isn't ground breaking or possibly even interesting to some people. However, I find it delightful (and hilarious) because it brought my son such unmitigated joy. He was beyond thrilled to have elicited such varied facial expressions and sounds of disgust from his mother. Well done sir!

While on St. John this year, Devon and his dad took a walk into Salt Pond to try to collect salt to cook with. No luck. Devon found the experience of walking in the pond simultaneously texturally grosstastic and deeply fascinating. Knowing that I am not particularly fond of the "mud between the toes" sensation, he challenged me to walk out into the pond next time we go. Not only in the pond, but as far as he walked.

I decided, "Sure, I'm a grownup. I can do this. I'll put on my big girl bathing suit and walk into the pond with the foot-vacuum-inducing-sucking-squishy-noise-sensation."

So we did. Along with our dear friend's daughter. Here is what happened. Please enjoy the multitudinous Heidi faces,expressions and noises!

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