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WTF? Transformed to WTStroke?

I started to write blog about the absolutely insane court case of Brock Turner. But my personal life exploded and has taken precedence over that blog...which I hope will be still relavent in a few days. What is on my mind today is "stroke". Like when your parent has one. I'm not sure, but I think I bore witness to either:

  1. Post-stroke symptomatology (which I did not know until after I was told there was a stroke) or,

  2. An actual stroke happening in front of me in the form of an anxiety attack.

Doctors have explained these to both me and my faboo hubby (former ER/ICU nurse, thank the gods). Both of these things could or could not be true because I am not a medical professional and given the personality/behavioral issues of my mother...well, the boy who cried wolf is the first assumption. Drama. Piece of advice, never...ever...say you are (insert epic crap here) if you are not.

Sadly, this is not that. That would be easy. The stroke(s) happened because too much time went between diagnosis and resolution. Oddly, she seems to understand that. It might the first time, (ever actually), that my mother has acknowledged/taken responsibility for something in her life.

Stay tuned for that other blog.

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