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Hospitals. I have spent more time at Stamford Hospital in the last three months than I have in my entire life. None of these hospitalizations have been mine. My aging parent was diagnosed with arterial stenosis three years ago. She was, and remained, asymptomatic for a long time. Sadly and suddenly, symptoms and complications started happening as a result of her shrinking valve. There have been three hospitalizations before today's surgery to correct the initial problem. The faboo hubby and I, are spending the day at the hospital while she undergoes valve replacement surgery (TAVR). The science and mechanics behind the surgery are actually pretty cool. But the reality is that some of the current complications could complicate the surgery.

We were up at 3:30am to be to her apartment by 5am, to get her to the hospital at 6am. Her surgery started at 7:30am-ish. It is 9:42am. The surgery should take around 2-3 hours. We decided to hit the cafeteria and partake in the Sodexo Food Services breakfast. Sodexo is known for providing food services to hospitals, colleges and prisons all over the US! Sidebar: Actually, Sodexo provides the food services in my son's college's dining halls. When asked to describe his experience with it, he said, and I quote, "It's mostly okay, but occasionally the food tastes like despair." Straight up, breakfast wasn't too bad. Admittedly, we'd also been awake for nearly 5 hours and were pretty hungry.

So, now we just wait. She has a great team of doctors and nurses who have helped her through this process. In all honesty, the staff has

been absolutely stellar. Their compassion, humor and professionalism has been impressive. They do their jobs with an enormous amount of grace and patience despite a sometimes ornery patient. I am very grateful for that.

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