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Me and faboo hubby at Hook Mtn.

Sundays are for riding! This has been my first week back on the bike after my training boycott. And honestly, it has been awesome. No heart rate monitor, yes a garmin--but just for time and distance, riding mostly "naked" as my friend Uli says.

My first GFNY was in 2011. I started training for that ride seven months. Then I trained for the next five consecutive GFNY races as ride leader and ambassador for that amazing organization. And was registered for my sixth this year, 2016. So that basically had me in training for roughly 7+years.

Things have gone a little sideways with my mother's health recently so training got a little spotty eight-ish weeks before the 2016 event. We all know that affects the whole program. But, I also realized that I was really sort of liking not "having" to get on the bike and do a required ride, read: job on the bike. I was suffering from total training burnout. I had actually not had any time off the bike in seven years except for maybe a total of three months. Seriously. Crazy. Not a pro.

I also had a business opportunity come up…handcrafted cards and hand wrapped frames…please visit me at ArchiveHome in Nyack (79-1/2 S. Broadway)…so I decided to boycott my training, get to the paper cutting, and lend my support Steve for his 2016 GFNY ride!

All I can say is that it was a brilliant thing to do. I'm looking forward to being on my bike again. Actively NOT training has allowed to me fall back in love with my chosen sport. I'm thrilled to be outside in the sun and spinning for miles. I'm seeing my surroundings like they are brand spanky new since my face in no longer buried in my garmin, constantly checking my heart rate or speed or power. Very happy to get out there and just ride folks, especially with the faboo hubby. JUST RIDE!

Paper goodness at ArchiveHome
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