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The Word "Jeep" has 4 letters...

...and is therefore a 4-letter word. The word crap is also a 4-letter word. So is damn...and shit.

Here is another number...26. Those two numbers bookend the number 4 in even number sequencing. Also, 2+4=6. Also, 26 is the number of days that my Jeep Liberty has been at the dealership awaiting repair. This makes me sad because I love my truck.

Sad is one emotion I felt. One of 4 emotions actually...the other three were anger, frustration and resigned.

Long story short: I brought the car to the dealer for a checkup before picking up the college freshman in Boston. The service guy (not my usual guy) said I had a teeny, tiny leak in the oil pan gasket. He said it was safe to drive and I should bring it back the following week. So I did. They replaced the gasket. The faboo hubby and I went to pick the truck up. I turned the engine over and it sounded like there were 26 monkeys with hammers inside the engine. I turned it off and brought the key back inside. The next morning, my usual guy called and said, "You're not going to believe this, you need a new engine." Wait...what...a whole new engine!? We from an oil pan gasket to an engine?! HTF does THAT happen? Low oil pressure apparently. Obviously this repair was going to take awhile, so he volunteered a loaner car. Wait...what...a loaner? They have NEVER done a loaner. Don't look a gift car in the grill. He handed me the key and said I'll call when I have something to tell you.

Many days go by, not 26 (yet) but more than 4, I felt frustrated. So I called. Left a message with no returned call until the next day with little information. Also, frustrated. Then my faboo hubby said our guy called him to explain the whole thing. Which meant I got "mansplained". I felt anger. I corrected that situation. Basically the scoop was that the regional Chrysler/Jeep reps had to come and re-create the event before approving my new engine under warranty. That took a remarkable 4+2 additional days. Frustration again.

Engine approved, installation begins. First tech to take on repair has a bad back. He is out for what? Right. 4 days. More frustration, a little anger. Different tech (the head mechanic actually) takes over. 4+2 days go by, and it finally looks like we may have a go on this the 26th day...and what happens when they start the car with a new engine and all new parts? Low oil pressure. Wait...what!?!...low oil pressure? HTF did THAT happen? Could be the oil pump, could be the new engine. That means a new oil pump and if that doesn't work, a new, new engine. Feeling what? Resigned. But not in a bad way. Resigned to the fact that I cannot control ANY of this and must simply accept the circumstances. The harder I push against it, the more resistance and suffering I feel. This ultimately is acceptance. So, I called my guy, laughing and asked him how the fuckityfuck did THAT happen. He told me my truck was going to make him drink. I told him my truck was going to make ME drink. We agreed to drink a shot to each other later on this 26th day.

Bottom line is that it comes down to 4 things:

  1. I have a loaner

  2. They will eventually figure out the problem

  3. It is all under warranty and,

  4. in the grand scheme of things, there are way worse things that could happen.

Here is my last 4-letter word of the day. Wine.

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