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OMG! My brain's exploding!


With the changing of the year comes the opportunity to create change in our lives, and then to be resolute in those changes. Honestly? I suck at this. Why? Because I can be super undisciplined (what?). And, more importantly, if I attempt to make too many changes at one time, nothing sticks. It's too much for my brain to deal with. There is a school of thought that says we are only able to make a certain number of choices in a day. An actual finite amount. Once we reach our limit, our ability to make good decisions diminishes and we move back into our habits. Good or bad.

Successful people, REALLY successful people have 'people' to make the little choices for them. Like "What to have for lunch", "Should I screen that call?" or "Crap, what do I wear today?". Or professional athletes who have coaches to create programs for them so that training and nutritional decisions are not required. Basically, they don't gunk up the "decider works" with little stuff. This leaves more head space for the important business/life/professional decisions (obviously there are exceptions: Lance Armstrong, Ray Rice and Bernie Madoff, definitely gunked up works). We are constantly being bombarded with little stuff to make decisions about. Texts, calls, Facebook notifications. OMG! Instagram!!! And then we reach our limit and then there's only CHOCOLATE!

I think this is a huge part of why resolutions aren't always resolute and partially why we fail. I wrote about it two years ago in this Turning Wheels blog so I won't repeat myself.

What that blog didn't include was how life happens despite your best intentions. Since the faboo hubby had surgery last June, life in our house came to a full stop. And then, everything changed. I mean ev-er-y thing. Training, riding, racing, housework, daily planning, hydration management, meal plans, showering...every detail of life was different. There were new decisions daily and that left very little head space for anything else. And, all the plans for the summer and fall were tossed (except for going to STJ because, well, STJ). Once again proving my mantra and axiom...Chaos, bad. Order, good.

Normalcy and routine have since been reintroduced to the household including the holiday traditions of overindulgence, entertaining and the almost-daily realization that the only workout I got for the day was lifting a fork or wine glass. We decorated, they came, we ate, we did dishes. The time is super fun but I'm grateful the whole holiday thing only lasts two-ish weeks, it's pretty exhausting.

With the mundane comes planning. Here is what's planned for the new year:

New Yoga and Yoga Tune Up® gigs--very excited about this. Announcements will come!

Cycling schedule:

May 17--Campagnolo GFNY

June 29--Campagnolo GFNY Mont Ventoux

August--Tour of the Catskills

Late August--drive my son to college, weep for two weeks then get back to training

September--GFNJ, glad only the climbs are timed. I'll be in recovery from college drop-off.

November--Campagnolo GFNY Cozumel

This doesn't really incorporate change, just scheduling and making no decisions. The one thing I am going to change stays with me. It is where the resolute part of resolution comes in. The sankalpa (a single statement of intention) I came upon was as surprising to me as to anyone I would share it with. So for the moment, I will hold it and actively participate in that statement daily. If there is a day when I don't, there is the opportunity to start again. Even from moment to moment.

Here's to simplication, routine, happiness, love, starting and restarting, clarity and all things good in the New Year. Cheers!


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