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Duck, duck, iPhone!


Anecdotal moment from a super-awesome weekend in Vermont. We are in the throes (and yes, I intentionally use the melodramatic word throes) of college visits for the ManBoy. Our visit this past weekend was to Bennington, VT. You should go...easy drive, cool stuff to do, great food and beautiful scenery.

We stayed at a B&B called Taraden in North Bennington. The history of the property is fascinating and one of the features there is a man-made pond. And to ponds come...right! Ducks! Because water.

While I don't really consider us "city folk", we don't have ducks in the back yard. While getting ready to go to dinner on Saturday evening this conversation happened:

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

"Did you hear something?"

"I thought I heard a quack."

"Well Heid..."

"Does someone have the quack sound one their phone?"

The ManBoy looked up from his reading and the faboo hubby was just staring at me. And then there was a...Quack!

"Mom. Did you hear that?"

"Yes! Whose phone is doing that?" ManBoy's eyebrow goes to hairline, "Oh...wait...quack. Ducks. OH! DUCKS! Duh..."

Without getting into the deeper, possibly disturbing part, which is that I assumed the quack noise was coming from an electronic device rather than the actual creature outside the window, seriously...take my phone was hilarious. Seriously hilarious.

My phone is now set to quack on receipt of texts. Please feel free.

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