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Jumping into the deep end. Slowly


This was my last official entry in Turning Wheels on blogspot.

Full disclosure: I usually operate in one of two different ways. One: jump in deep end without looking; Two: Overthink everything and take a painfully long time to walk into the water from the beach. Like seriously long. Is this a gemini thing? Maybe. Or maybe it's just how I do stuff. I feel like this a big step because I won't be hidden among the .blogspot blogs. It's putting myself, my ideas and my writing out there. Way out there. It's a little scary.

I've been designing the site for awhile and am happy with the results. It went through a bunch of iterations...templates, color palettes, type, other templates, color palettes again. Should it be Heidi Broecking Yoga? Heidi Broecking Coaching? Heidi Broecking? Turning Wheels? Turning Wheels Yoga? Turning Wheels Coaching? Ultimately the decision was that the site is mine, and the blog is called Turning Wheels.

The blog will continue to address cycling, yoga and dharma. And now, other stuff! I'm going to start a new feature called "WTFFriday"--which sort of started as WTFTuesday (WTF NFL). The other feature I'm want to add is a practical anatomical "Tip of the Week". Similar to the Making the Bed blog. It will be work in progress

There will be duplication for the first months or so. I'm going to double down on both blogs until the new site is indexed in the Google machine...sure, I know what that means...pfft.

Many, many thanks for all the support of this blog and I'm hoping you'll follow me over the v2.0 of Turning Wheels.

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