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at The Birchwood Center in Nyack

Free Meditation

Tuesday, weekly, 11:05a-11:25a

Explore different meditation techniques to calm the body and the mind.

Gentle Express

Wednesday, weekly, 4:30p-5:30p

Gentle Yoga Express classes are great for anyone who wants to clear out the mental clutter and sooth the body before going home after a hard day’s work or take a break in the afternoon. You will experience relaxing breathing practices and clear, simple posture technique to bring the body into balance and build strength and stamina while weaving meditation and inner awareness into every moment and movement.

Hatha I/II

Thursday, weekly, 7:15p-8:30p

Hatha Yoga tones, strengthens and stretches the body, focusing on conscious breathing while in the postures. Hatha Yoga level I/II teaches the fundamentals of a safe, healing yoga practice. Level I/II classes are designed for students with some yoga experience but also welcomes beginners.


Gentle to Level 1

Sunday, weekly, 8:00a-9:15a

This Gentle to Level 1 class that focuses on increasing both mobility and stability in the tissues and joints. Through asana (poses), breathing techniques and self-myofascial release you’ll work methodically to bring suppleness back into your body. Each session will begin with with a 15-20 minute Roll Model Method® session. 


All levels are welcome, from beginners ready to start a practice to experienced practitioners who want to revisit the basics.


Stay Tuned!

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