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Watery heart.

It has been an unusually warm couple of days here in the Northeast. As I was walking home from a yoga class this morning, I took a few moments to appreciate the warmth of the sun on my bare arms and shoulders, the fact that I will still wearing sandals and was very grateful to have the summer extended even if only for another week. Despite the fact that I understand the deeply unsettling scientific reason behind it, because....FLIP FLOPS! And, of course, my thoughts went to the islands for a moment.

Anyway, I got home and picked up the water glass I had used earlier in the morning to get some iced tea. When I looked down, the water ring pictured above is what was left behind. I immediately saw a heart with three spots of water inside the heart. All I could think of was the USVI. Three little islands being held in a heart. But not just one heart, a vast multitude of hearts filled with love and thoughts of safety. ('s Pacman. But I'm going with the hearts and love AND am including Puerto Rico in there.)

It felt a little like through my little puddle of water, the universe was saying it's all eventually, going to be alright. And it is. Namasté.

#usvi #love #holdingspace #lovecity #cruzby #coralbay #puertorico #spontaneousbeauty

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