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Little. Cheeto. Fingers

Here is the origin story of "little cheeto fingers" from Facebook a few weeks ago...a little levity amongst all the seriousness.

I was in Fairway on a Friday, a few weeks ago. Shopping for Nacho-Movie-Night plus a few fill-ins. I went to the deli counter to get some turkey. There was a "TasterLady" at the counter with me. She was tasting every salad to decide what she would have for tomorrow's lunch, since I can't imagine her being hungry after all the twelve salads she tried. Anyway….there was only one guy working the counter and another dealing with the smoked fish section. While I was waiting, the one guy working said he'd be right with me, I told him no worries, I wasn't in a rush.

He must have started a conversation earlier with the SmokedFishGuy. And that conversation must have been about purchasing pants, wardrobe choices, or the like, because while he was packaging TasterLady's veggie and macaroni salads, he started talking. I can only assume it was where they left off earlier, mid-chat. It went like this:

"And no way man! No way can I afford any hundred dollars pants! A hundred dollars for pants?..I have kids man! I can't be buying and wearing any hundred dollar pants and then have my kids come up all on me with their little cheeto fingers! No way man!"

There was silence at the deli counter because he realized TasterLady and I were also part conversation by our presence at the counter. Unfortunately, she did not find it terribly amusing. I, however, found it hilarious. He looked right at me, a little nervous that he had "personalized" our deli counter experience too much. I could not hold it together. I started guffawing at the counter. Like Barbossa** laughing! He sort of looked at me wide-eyed and then started to laugh as well.

"Dude, you just made my day! Little. Cheeto. Fingers. Best ever!"

He started to chuckle and got my turkey and muenster cheese. We shared an understood "We have/have had little children and this is why we can't have nice things" look and laughed again. I thanked him for making my day a little more hilarious. I proceeded to walk around Fairway, occasionally Barbossa laughing out loud, to myself. Receiving many odd looks from confused shoppers, who quickly searched for headphones and upon not seeing any, moved to other aisles. Didn't care because…little. cheeto. fingers. Bwahahahahaha!

**the whole video is hilarious and great…but you can just skip to :34s to get to the laughing…and yes I do laugh that way

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