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I've been framed!

Beautiful objects at Archive Home in Nyack, NY.

I have been meaning to write about this for months. Seriously, since April…but Blog Interrupted.

To make a long story short…back in early April, after initial contact through a mutual friend, I was invited by a couple of ladies to participate in what I have come to affectionately call our "shop-share" in Nyack. Four women—three of us designers by trade and the fourth, by all rights, should be. Four different women, four disciplines—Interior design, graphic design, jewelry design and Wardrobe Archivist—but with similar design sensibilities that dovetail beautifully. Here's the list:

• The first, an amazing interior designer, sells stunning homegoods that she not only sources but uses in her own and clients' homes—Mud Australia, turkish towels, Portuguese dining flatware—all gorgeous and completely practical. Combining those two things is one of her amazing skills.

• The second, has had a jewelry business in NYC for fifteen years. You can read about it here. The pieces she creates are not just beautiful, but substantial. They are made with precious stones but there is nothing "precious" about them. They are objects that are made to be worn, not left in a little box on your bureau.

• The third is our singular "Wardrobe Archivist". She has the most outstanding eye for finding beautiful, unique and wearable consigned clothes, shoes and accessories. Her eye for color and combination is unparalleled.

• Then, there's me. As a graphic designer by trade, I have always tended toward precision in my work. And I am a paper whore. I love paper. The endless color combinations, textures and weights. I started cutting and creating handcrafted cards and hand wrapped frames a few years ago but couldn't find a retail outlet. Having the opportunity to sell out of a brick and mortar shop in my little village has been such a gift.

This little shop is called Archive Home and we are at 79-1/2 South Broadway in Nyack, NY. Our hours are Thursday, 12noon-5pm; Friday, 12noon-6pm; Saturday, 12noon-6pm; and Sunday, 12noon-5pm. The objects are beautiful, unique and reasonably priced for the exceptional quality of the products. Come and check us out!

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