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And...we're off!

Heidi Broecking

Yesterday marked my fourth "first GFNY group ride". I am happy to report the weather co-operated and was appropriately "wintry" for the event. Though this time, it wasn't foggy or rainy or snowy. At start time, it was 32-degrees with a northeast-ish wind of 20mph or so, gusting up to a mere 25-30mph every now and then. Making for a wind chill in the single digits and some pretty fun moments of bike handling with cross gusts.

Even with the weather being as cold as it was, everyone (bar none) was excited to get out and ride together. Our love for riding and Gran Fondo kept us warm. Well, that and our super warm jackets from our clothing sponsor Biemme. So, to Jared, Vito, James, Wade, Omar, Uli and Lidia, here's to many weeks of keeping warm and the rubber on the road.

Oh! Almost forgot, there was this Belgian goodness after a nice hot shower and lunch. I love riding my bike in the winter. Homer Simpson says ""


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